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Caliber6 is a consulting firm specializing in strategic digital solutions. They offer services such as software development, systems integration, enterprise migrations, automation and AI, and staffing and recruiting. Their focus is on empowering businesses by optimizing processes and leveraging technology to drive efficiency, innovation, and growth across various industries including transportation, finance, healthcare, and more.

Main Project


The client’s expectations encompassed several key features for their website development:
Professional Introduction: A polished and professional representation of the company.
Blog and Filter Integration: A seamlessly integrated blog with filtering options for easy navigation and content discovery.
Dropdown Menu: A well-organized dropdown menu for intuitive navigation.
Custom Design: A unique and tailored design to reflect the brand’s identity.
Responsive Website: A responsive design ensuring optimal functionality and appearance across all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.These elements aim to create a user-friendly, visually appealing, and functional website.



The process of designing and developing the website came with several challenges:

  • Visual Appeal: Creating a fresh and modern design that captures the brand’s essence.

  • User-Friendly Experience: Implementing advanced features to ensure ease of use and seamless navigation.

  • Animations: Integrating professional and smooth animations to enhance the visual experience and interactivity.

Caliber6 Website Desktop viewCaliber6 Website Desktop view


To overcome the challenges, I implemented several solutions:

  • Custom Code for Animations and Blog Features: Developed bespoke animations to ensure a smooth and engaging user experience. Integrated advanced blog features such as dynamic filtering for easy content discovery.

  • Dropdown and Easy Navigation: Designed an intuitive dropdown menu and clear navigation paths to enhance user accessibility and ease of use.

  • Client First Style System: Established a "Client First" style system, allowing the client to easily update and maintain the website without extensive technical knowledge. This ensured ongoing flexibility and adaptability for future changes.

Caliber6 Website Mobile view

Results and Conclusion

"Absolutely thrilled with the work Lovro delivered! As a designer + Webflow wizard, Lovro has exceeded all expectations. His keen eye for design and meticulous attention to detail transformed our project's vision into a stunning reality. Not only is he highly skilled and creative, but his communication and efficiency made the entire process seamless. If you're looking for someone to bring professional flair and innovative solutions to your website, look no further than Lovro!"

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